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Parents Guild

Saint Anne Parish School has a combined School Board and Parent Guild.  This School Board consists in members outside the school and parish and also parents who have children at the school.  This 'consultative board' participates in the life of St. Anne School and promotes the school through strategic planning for 3-5 years, advancement of the school through public relations and marketing,and  fund development.

The School Board meets once a month.  Our pastor, Father Antonio Lopez-Flores, is responsible for the school and is an integral part of the School Board, as well as the principal, and assistant principal, and one other faculty member.  The rest of the board members have children in the school or have special talents which can be used for the service to the school.

The School Board is essential to St. Anne's School in leading the way in finding solutions which challenge it.  They believe that by working together, they can find solutions to the difficulties facing it at any time.