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Elementary Curriculum

Learning is an active and vital process for students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Students study the core subjects of English-Language Arts, Reading/Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Religion with their homeroom teachers. 


Major curriculum and assessment resources include:

  • SuperKids Reading Program
  • ST Math
  • Sadlier Vocabulary
  • Discovery Education Science Techbook
  • Renaissance Learning STAR Assessment for Reading and Mathematics
  • Accelerated Reading Program
  • Accelerated Math Program


Lower Elementary Curriculum

Our elementary curriculum places extra emphasis on the foundational skills in areas of literacy, language arts, and mathematics and is aligned to the CA Common Core State Standards. Instruction in these areas is differentiated to the level of each child to ensure steady progress throughout the year. 


The elementary language arts curriculum focuses on four main areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Great emphasis is placed on the reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency with spelling, handwriting, grammar, and mechanics. As students advance, students begin reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts designed to develop and maintain reading comprehension and understanding. Students also begin to write through a variety of genres such as informative, opinion, and narrative based, thus developing their ability to express ideas, emotions, and beliefs.


The elementary mathematics curriculum follows a systematic progression of basic skills and problem-solving with many opportunities for hands-on learning in every grade.  Students will gain a strong understanding of mathematics skills and facts, the number system, number operations, measurement & data, geometry, algebraic thinking, statistics & probability, expressions & equations, and functions.  STAR Assessments, ST Math and Accelerated Math programs are used in addition to the regular math curriculum to aid in assessing progress and providing extra support for all learners.


Upper-Grade Elementary Curriculum

Our upper elementary grade (4th & 5th) language arts and math programs are comprehensive and based on common core standards.  Our language arts program includes our class novels, AR books, and informative text.  These give students the opportunity to learn and apply the college and career readiness standards such as key details and main idea, cause and effect, inferences, and drawing conclusions.  Our math program gives students the opportunity to learn and apply critical math skills such as fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, and data graphing. 


Throughout all upper elementary grade curriculum, there is the essential integration of technology as all grades participate in a 1-to-1 iPad program.  Students conduct and gather research, giving them the opportunity to evaluate and summarize information and ideas, in order to answer questions and solve problems.



St. Anne Art program aims to open up the imagination and creativity of our students in grade 1st - 8th, while giving them the fundamentals in Art concepts, techniques, and Art History, through cross-curriculum in art and other academic subjects.  Each class will complete a variety of projects throughout the year, giving each student the confidence to express individual creativity, build skills, and learn art concepts and art history. Each year's curriculum is built on what was taught in previous years.


Physical Education 

The primary objective of our program is to focus our students' attitude toward physical activity and foster a greater understanding of its relationship with lifelong health and personal well-being. We encourage students to learn skills for participation in a variety of sports and activities, to gain an understanding of movement and spatial awareness, and to develop an appreciation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Students develop sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership abilities through appropriate activities and competition.